CBT Therapist

Amy Kirman

CBT Therapist Amy

Amy is a provisionally accredited CBT Therapist working towards full accreditation with the BABCP, with further specific training in CBT supervision. She is a registered Mental Health Nurse and an Advanced Mental Health Nurse Practitioner working in the North West.

Amy has 9 years of specialist experience working within community and inpatient, Children and Young People's Mental Health Services. She has extensive experience of practicing CBT and working directly with young people who are experiencing complex mental health problems in regards to PTSD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, OCD, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Functional Neurological Disorder, Panic Disorder & Specific Phobias. I'm able to provide adaptive CBT to co-morbidity presentations and when working with young people diagnosed with neurological disorders in regards to Autism and ADHD. Amy has been actively part of the family therapy reflective team and has incorporated CBT into systemic practice and interventions where appropriate. Amy has further experience of working with severe and enduring mental health difficulties such as Bipolar disorder Psychosis & Eating Disorders. Amy has a specific interest in working with OCD and trauma.

Amy has extensive experience of risk management particular with young people presenting with complex risk behaviors including self-harming and suicide ideation. Amy has a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of legislation for providing safe effective care. Amy has experience with and worked in accordance with the Mental Health Act, Mental Health Capacity Act and Children's Act 1989.

Amy is the CBT lead clinician within her current service to which she has established and enhanced the offer of CBT for our area. Amy has developed the clinical pathway which she continues to manage alongside delivering individual and group CBT. Amy provides training, supervision and clinical management to CBT therapists and trainee's. Amy further offers training and skills development for her whole team. She has a clinical leadership responsibility for the service, the delivery of care and supporting the team. Amy's role requires her to be flexible, creative, approachable and adaptable.



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