About the Directors

Each of the Directors share an understanding that child development arises through a combination of nature and nurture in a social and cultural context and is influenced by specific life events. All of the directors recognise the need for strong foundations to support child development and they have completed their training in the Attachment Style Interview for adoption and fostering. This training is designed to enable professionals to use the Attachment Style Interview (ASI) as part of their assessment of prospective adopters and foster carers, and to assess and plan for their support needs.

Each director shares a passion and extensive experience in exploring, understanding and supporting families experiencing complex and challenging child development situations. Their combined training and experience has enabled them to flexibly consider the holistic factors affecting the development of children and young people. They pride themselves on recognising the uniqueness of each person's situation and developing tailored pathways towards the future to support the development of children and young people. Primarily they recognise that everyone is unique and this needs to be celebrated.

Dr. Nicola Kennelly | Clinical Psychologist

Dr Nicola Kennelly,

Clinical psychology offers a scientific, evidenced based understanding to mental health, emotional well-being and behaviour. Dr. Nicola Kennelly, is a Chartered Registered Clinical Psychologist.

Dr. Mireille Formosa | Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Mireille Formosa, Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Mireille Formosa is a Consultant Paediatrician with an interest in Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics. She graduated as a Medical Doctor from the University of Malta in 1999, following which she started paediatric training.